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Take advantage of these tools and resources to help everyone in the family understand cystinosis better. They are full of information and can be helpful to people of all ages. Teachers and nurses can also use these to educate children in classrooms or doctors’ offices.


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Quest for Crystals

Quest for Crystals

Join Ruby on her quest to find and remove cystinosis crystals throughout the body in this informative animated lesson for young children. Watch and discuss the video, then continue the discussion by ordering the Quest for Crystals book.

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The Quest for Crystals writes on screen


Meet Ruby

She’s an explorer. She searches for crystals in a surprising place.

The place where Ruby looks for crystals is in the body! She is like medicine that takes crystals out of the body. Travel with Ruby through the body to find as many crystals as you can.

Let’s go!

Crystals can be pretty and shiny.

But crystals don’t belong in your body. It’s good to get them out.

Ruby’s first stop is the kidneys.People are born with 2 kidneys.

Kidneys help your body keep stuff it needs, like water and salt, and get rid of stuff it doesn’t need.

But kidneys have a hard time keeping the good stuff in the body if they have crystals in them.

Help Ruby find a crystal.

Do you know how kidneys get rid of the stuff you don’t need? By turning it into pee!

Wow! Look at these arm muscles!

Muscles make you strong and help you move.

But muscles are not so strong with crystals in them.

Help Ruby find a crystal.

Guess what? There are muscles all over your body—even in your throat where they help you swallow!

Ruby has crawled into the lungs. They are in your chest.

Your lungs breathe for you. They take air in and push it out of your body so your body can make energy.

The lungs also help you talk and SHOUT!

But the lungs may have some trouble working if there are crystals in them.

Are there any crystals here for Ruby to find?

Next stop, the brain!

But wait. Ruby sees something that looks like a butterfly. It’s in the neck.

It’s the thyroid. It helps your body work normally so you can grow!

But it can’t help you grow with crystals in it.

Ruby better stop and find a crystal. Can you help?

Can you guess where Ruby is now?

In the amazing brain!

The brain lets you think and feel things.

Help Ruby find a crystal so the brain can think well.

Look! Can you see where Ruby is now?

She’s in the eyes. Your eyes see the world.

But—you already know—the eyes can’t see like they should with crystals in them.

Help Ruby find a crystal.

And if you find sunglasses, give them to Ruby. It’s bright in here!

You did it!

You helped Ruby find all the crystals!

Ruby is done with her job for now. She will make another trip through the body later. She tells her friends that it’s their turn.

“Get going, guys!” Ruby says. “We’ve got to keep this kid as healthy as we can!”

Kids Kids

Michael’s Show-and-Tell Activity Book

Michaels Show and Tell Michaels Show and Tell Michaels Show and Tell

Michael’s Show-and-Tell
Activity Book

This activity book is filled with fun things for kids to do while they read and learn what it’s like for Michael to live with cystinosis. It’s a great way to start a conversation with children to help them understand cystinosis.

Start the discussion now with these downloadable coloring pages! Then keep the conversation going for years to come with a bound copy of Michael’s Show-and-Tell Activity Book.

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You can check how much you and your child have learned by taking
a fun interactive quiz.

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Teens Teens

Positivity to keep you going on your journey

Be You Teen Be You Teen Be You Teen

Positivity to keep you going on
your journey

You have enough to deal with. We’ve got your back with tips you need to juggle life, school, friends and cystinosis. You’ve got this!

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You’ve got this! Live your best life with these tips.

Download these snippets from the booklet to get started now.

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